Met een twist van DJ NLZ



DJ NLZ is a Dutch DJ/Producer based in Heemskerk. He has produced a variety of styles ranging from Hip Hop, Trap to Urban.

In 2006, a good friend and producer Duncan (Mammoet Finest) passed away. DJ NLZ searched for closure by finishing all of Duncan’s unfinished beats in his friends memory. It eventually inspired him to continue producing music.

The first few beats he created were used by a friend rapper Skinny-Vinny on the 2012 released album ‘De echte ik’. After the album release DJ NLZ was headhunted by 4SHOBANGERS and he joined teamBANGIN. For 6 months DJ NLZ broadcasted a radio show called ‘Bangin’ at the Hot O’ Twenty internet radio station together with 4SHOBANGERS and DJ Drivah. During this time DJ NLZ was contacted and collaborated with many artists in the scene.

In 2013, DJ NLZ came to Studio West where he did productions for The Hype. It also gave him an opportunity to professionalise his sound. The first step for a solo project were made.

In 2014, DJ NLZ (as part of ‘NPNG’ crew) won Most Wanted. That year their group did several big shows like Roots Festival, Kwaku, De Uitmarkt & Definitie van Hip Hop. In 2015 the group NPNG was divided because not everyone was sharing the same vision, each member went to focus on a solo career.

In 2014 DJ NLZ released ‘Gouden Eeuw’ as free download cd. He did the full production and brought different rappers on a cd.

In 2015 DJ NLZ released ‘Schijn Bedriegt’ his second solo project. The formule was the same as the ‘Gouden Eeuw’ project.

Production credit (NL): Rasskulz, Juicc, Bright, Desmond Read, Sevn Alias, Jowy Rosé, Zwart Licht, BKO, SBMG, Miggs de Bruijn, NPNG, Dam Dutchess, Rambo, The Hype, Junior Neph, Era, Servinio & D. Lipps.